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Bright Eyes (ALS Benefit Single)

(Anna Huckabee Tull)
Digital release (click song title for info & lyrics)
In 2003, Andy was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease: a crushing fatal illness, which leaves the mind sharply intact while slowly rendering all of the body's muscles mute.

For the creation of this song, though he was no longer able to speak or type with his hands, Andy worked with singer-songwriter Anna Huckabee Tull of, via special email technology, to offer up the words of wisdom, inspiration, and love that he chose to leave behind for his daughter, Rachel. Those words have come to life in the song "Bright Eyes."

So far, there is no cure for ALS. But all those who love Andy, and love people just like him, struggling with profound courage, insight, and grace in the face of this terrifying disease, want to help. You can become part of finding a solution. All proceeds from the sale of this CD go to ALS Research.

Award-winning Boston Singer-Songwriter Anna Huckabee Tull lives in Somerville, Mass. In addition to her autobiographical songwriting compositions (see especially Open Now), she has carved out a pioneering and highly gratifying career writing commissioned songs of celebration, transition, and healing (see especially Other People's Stories, Love All Over the Place, and Every Day). You can learn more about Anna and her commissioned songwriting at

Bright Eyes CD Single:
Vocals: Anna Huckabee Tull and Keith Hampton
Guitars: Keith Hampton
Keyboards: Larry Luddecke

Anna Huckabee Tull: Bright Eyes (ALS benefit single)

Bright eyes, thousand watt smile
Bright skies of the Coronado miles and miles of
Sailing out on the bright sea
Sailing along my bright, bright-eyed girl and me

It was like nothing to be sailing along
Watching you laughing; find myself laughing and strong
For you

Pushing you on a swing
Holding you close and then setting you free
The simple things, what time is taking
The hugs I can't offer you as I watch this body wasting

It was like nothing to lift you to the sky
It was like everything to see me through your bright,
Bright eyes

But my courage does not halt or falter now
I will love you long past my last breath of air
God does not give us the burdens we deserve
But the ones we can bear

So watch for me, eternally
Feel for me in the passing breeze
One day I’ll be sailing free
Right beside you, and you will see (with your…)

Bright eyes, and your thousand watt smile
Under bright skies, you’ll see the never-ending miles and miles of
My love, out on life’s sea
Sailing beside you eternally
My bright-eyed girl
My bright-eyed girl
My bright-eyed girl
And me

(c) 2007 Anna Huckabee Tull / Custom Crafted Songs